Jennifer Mendes Wealth Creation Services, was founded in 1987 when the only savings route people knew were the Banks. The Mendes family had moved from Mumbai to Goa in search of a better quality of life, after Jennifer resigned from her job at Indian Bank.

The advisory business thus took root in Goa. At that time there were very few professional advisors. Jennifer with her bank experience coupled with the active support of her husband, Prof. Mendes and son, Schubert, was able to win the confidence of people. Over the years the retail client base has grown to 4000 investors. The business,(which is carried out in the name of Jennifer Mendes) has grown exponentially, of which 80% is equity.

Their son, Schubert has now joined the firm and Prof Mendes plays the role of Mentor and Think-tank to his wife and son, who are hands on in the business. Recently, Schubert’s wife Samantha, who is a qualified Chartered Accountant has joined the business. Jennifer was the first to set up an office in Mapusa and bring professionalism into this field so much so that today, in Goa, the name “Jennifer Mendes” has become synonymous with investments.

The firm stands for quality – in Products, Service and Commitment.

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